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Thank you.

photo by Eugene Parciasepe Jr

Last night was a fantastic evening…and it’s all made possible because of your incredible support. Thanks to the wonderful staff at bergenPAC and the crew in 3 Doors Down & 105.5 WDHA. Most of all, as always, it’s a pleasure and honor meeting so many avid music fans. THANK YOU!!! See you again soon.

Back in Providence.

It’s been a little while since we’ve been back to Providence. This coming March, we’re headed back to DUSK – Saturday night, March 15th, 2014 to be exact. And we’re bringing our Jersey friends, OneHundredThousand with us. 

DFH Acoustic w/ 3 Doors Down

With all the acoustic ditties we’ve been offering ya, it’s only right that we do a little acoustic performance, wouldn’t you agree? Next month, we’re headed back to the bergenPAC to open the evening for 3 Doors Down, who will also be performing acoustic.

Purchase tickets here:

Headed back to CT.

Friends in Connecticut, we’re headed back up your way on Friday, March 28th, when we return to The Room in Brookfield, CT. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

DFH Returns to Mexicali Live


As the saying goes, “it’s been a long time since I’ve rock n rolled”. After some time away from the live circuit, we’re ready to rock out again and can’t wait to get back to Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ for an awesome rock show. Hope to see you there.

Dead Fish Handshake – “Guilt”

A special post for our Kickstarter supporters…

Hey all, Rob here.

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted here. As we wind down the year, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for sending us out on the road this Summer. It was a memorable experience and we met some incredible people.

By now, most of you have received your Kickstarter packages that you signed up for. However, a few, including the covers EP, is still in process. Without going into full detail, I’d like to apologize on behalf of DFH for the delay. I’ve had a rough go at it on the personal front which has slowed down production in the studio. I’d rather keep it at that, but assure you that we are working hard to complete the songs and expect them to be in your hands and ears in early 2014. Also, on the horizon are some new songs, new shows and more. I never wanted this delay to be a sign of lack of appreciation. I hope it hasn’t come off as such.

In the meantime, let me tell you a little about the very first song that Matt and I ever wrote – a song called “Guilt”. Back in the early days of writing what would become Dead Fish Handshake’s debut EP, we had about 10 song ideas floating around, six of which eventually got narrowed down for inclusion on “Across State Lines”. “Guilt” was one of my favorites – a sure shot to make the record or so it seemed, but we couldn’t decide between this originally stripped down, intimate recording or a full blown electric version. In the end, others came together and found their way onto “Across State Lines”, leaving no room for “Guilt” or the other few that were in contention. We’re very happy to be able to share this with you.

As part of this Kickstarter, we want to say thank you and offer a glimpse of the early days. I can still remember being in the room on a cold December afternoon watching and hearing this song come to life in a matter of moments. We hope you enjoy this.


Follow the link to stream Guilt:

DFH Returns to the Starland Ballroom.

New show announcement: 04.05.14
DFH Returns to the Starland Ballroom as special guests of Scott Stapp, the voice of Creed.
Advanced tickets available through the DFH Store

Tickets available to DFH w/ Like a Storm

Tickets for our show at Achitekt in Butler, NJ next month w/ Like A Storm and One Hundred Thousand are now available through our DFH store.

Go here to purchase:

Leave The Light On Tour

Being on this tour has been quite the experience…certainly one to remember. We’ve met some incredible fans and bands. It’s reassuring to see so many people out there that love to rock and support live music. And knowing that you all back home are pulling for us means the world. Without you, none of this would have been possible. With that said, it’s only fair that we keep our DFH-family informed of all things Dead Fish Handshake. Unfortunately, we were forced to re-route some of our tour dates due to unforeseen circumstances. Our trek out to the midwest is no longer on the schedule. Our apologies to those who live in the areas that we are unable to visit at this time. We will do our best to get back out to you at a later date. We managed to schedule some dates up the east coast as we make our way back up to NJ and are planning another leg of the “Leave The Light On” tour to go with our current dates in NJ, PA & CT. Thank you all for the incredible support. See you soon.

Success is in the details.

Been a little busy as of late but recently had a chance to reflect on what it is we do and the amazing people that allow it to happen. As you know, we hit our Kickstarter goal, a hefty number… and I can’t put into words what that means and how it makes me feel. For all the detractors (and there are plenty), there is a substantial number of people here, there and everywhere that push incredibly hard to see us succeed. And in a time where the music biz isn’t what it used to be, I sincerely mean it when I say that you make it all worth it.  Success is truly in the details. Thank you so much for all you do.


A Lasting Impression

Interview with Dead Fish Handshake: A Lasting Impression

—by , June 19, 2013


In time with the re-release of its most recent EP, The Sixes, a bold, hearty breath of polished rock and roll, Dead Fish Handshake are taking their act on tour for the first time. The release marks the beginning of a new chapter in the band’s life, while simultaneously nodding to their origin as an acoustic duo made up of guitarist Rob Ferreira and singer Matt Paul.

With bassist Darren Furman in tow and original drummer Matt Biehl back on board after being out of the band for over a year, the group of NJ and New England rock stalwarts is poised to make the biggest moves of its career.

Two (well, sort of three) releases into their career, the band had a good thing going to start but has showed supreme improvement to this point; something Rob credits in large part to Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery, whose keen insight into composition proved invaluable during the production of The Sixes. Rob’s insightful chord layering, crafty riff writing and superior Les Paul tone have always led the way for Dead Fish Handshake, but on The Sixes, with the help of Clint, the rest of the group rose to meet him.

On the way back home from a trip to Vintage Vinyl, Rob took a call from The Aquarian to talk about the constant development of Dead Fish Handshake, the genesis of the band’s summer tour and putting together guitar tracks in the studio.

How often do you turn on WSOU and hear Dead Fish Handshake?

Well, I’ve definitely heard it a few times. I listen to WSOU at work online and whenever I get a chance in the car. I’ve heard it a couple times for sure. Every once in a while, I’ll get a text from a buddy of mine saying they’ve heard it. It’s definitely an awesome feeling to hear your song on the radio. That never gets old for me.

What’s the longest tour the band has done?

The most the band has ever done is a three or four-day weekend type of thing.

One of the things that’s real special about what we have in Dead Fish Handshake is that we’ve all been in bands for years. In a few years that we’ve been together, we’ve been able to do a lot of things that we’ve never done in previous bands. That’s a really cool feeling, and it feels good to do it with your friends.

We’re going as far west as Texas. We’re starting Florida. We have a couple dates there. Then we’re running through Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. That’s as far west as we’re going, but then we shoot up north, through the Dakotas and then back east through Illinois and Ohio. It’s like a big C until we have the homecoming in late July.

What’s the status of your next release? You mentioned to me a while ago that you might re-release The Sixes with bonus tracks.

Right. We’re actually in the process of tracking acoustic versions of the songs. One thing that people don’t know—or that people who have caught on recently wouldn’t know—is that [the band] started initially with [singer Matt Paul] and me acoustic. We’ve done a couple shows like that.

We did a show at Bergen PAC with just Matt and me acoustic, opening up for Ed Kowalczyk. We weren’t sure at first how the songs were going to translate in an acoustic setting and it ended up being great. So we thought it’d be awesome to do an acoustic EP type of thing. But I didn’t really want to do an acoustic EP and suddenly make The Sixes an old thing, like the “old record.” So we thought we’ll just do a couple songs off the record acoustic and then do a digital re-release.

I’m not a big fan of re-releases in general. They kind of feel sometimes like they’re a cash grab. But in this day of iTunes, you don’t necessarily have to do an album-only thing. But people who already have the record and want the new songs, they can just go and get those songs. That’s the beauty of the digital age.

So we’re looking to do that. We’re going to release some new tracks with The Sixes to coincide with the tour. We have that Kickstarter thing going and one of the things we’re planning is that we’ll do a covers EP, just acoustic covers. And we’re looking to do that when we get back. We’ve been writing too, so then we’ll think about pre-production for the new record.

How many songs did you end up writing for The Sixes? You strike me as a guy who has tons of riffs and songs lying around just waiting to be completed.

Yeah, we had a bunch of stuff. We probably had anywhere between nine or 12 songs that we wrote strictly for The Sixes. We had some old songs lying around too.

When we did the first record [Across State Lines, 2010], it was more of a collaboration between Matt and me. Then as the full band started playing together, we started coming up with ideas as a group. So we didn’t want to grab those old ideas [from Matt and me] and redo them. We had this writing period where we weren’t really playing out, but we were focusing on writing. Then we started demoing that material and giving it to [producer Clint Lowery].

There were some ideas that he thought needed a little bit more tender love and care, and then others where he had some ideas. So I would say, from nine or 12 songs, we narrowed it down to [the six tracks] that ended up being on The Sixes.

Do you think any of those songs will show up on a future record?

I would say there’s a lot of stuff there that I love, but working with Clint, we learned a lot. We took, in my opinion, a really big step creatively for us. We’re not reinventing the wheel or anything, but what Clint was able to pull out of us I’ll never forget.

Even the new stuff that we’ve been writing feels different. We’re using those learning experiences and those hints and things we learned from Clint, from just talking and working with him, on the new material.

So I’m not sure that the stuff we wrote before doing The Sixes would make a new record because that seems like the record that would have fallen in between The Sixes and Across State Lines. We don’t want to take that step back; we want to keep pushing ourselves creatively. We want to outdo the last record. It would be silly to go back at this moment.

Why did you name the tour after the song “Leave The Light On?”

We talked about hitting all these different areas we’ve never been. This is our first tour and we want to make an impression on the people that we do encounter on the road. “Leave The Light On” was kind of a metaphor for leaving an impression on who it is that we meet out on the road and who it is that we play in front of. Hopefully it means the same to the people we meet along the way.

Is there one moment at those Architekt sessions with Clint that comes to mind as a paradigm shifting moment for you or the band?

I think it was just being in the room and the times when Clint was in the room with us. There were a couple times he strapped on a guitar. It was like, “Wow, Clint Lowery is jamming on our songs with us.” That was a holy crap moment.

I’ve had the feeling before when listening to songs by other bands where something about it gives you goose bumps. I always said I don’t think I’ll ever feel that way about a song that I wrote because I watched it grow. By the time a song I wrote is done, I’ve seen all the imperfections along the way.

But when I heard The Sixes after [engineer Mike Ferretti] mixed it and gave it to us, it was that feeling. That was very special personally.

One thing I noticed recently when listening to the two records is that there aren’t really any guitar solos on The Sixes. What was the reason for that?

I’ve never been a shredder. My favorite guitar players are people like David Gilmour from Pink Floyd and The Edge from U2, who use a lot of different chord phrasing or layering. So I think I kind of took a little from them. I was just focused more on layering of guitars and how [multiple tracks] play off one another. There’s a brief solo at the end of “Turning A Blind Eye.” On “Leave The Light On” there was a solo, but we were changing some vocals around and we ended up putting a quasi-last chorus over the lead guitar track, so it sounds like I’m noodling a little beneath Matt’s vocal. I play that solo live; we do an extended version of that song.

Were you also thinking about what you can do live?

I’ve had countless conversations where people have said, “If you can’t do it live, don’t do it in the studio.” And I completely disagree. Imagine all the incredible music we’d be missing if all the four-piece bands in history only recorded one guitar track. I think there’s a time and place for everything, and in the studio I’m totally okay with any instrument being layered to that extent.

When we’re writing a song, at the very primitive stage, we’re doing it in a room with three or four guys. It’s working in that way. It’s working as a three or four-piece. So I know that later on, when you play it live, you can find a way to get that song across without all the extra ear candy that might be on record.

I’ve seen it done over the years. And sometimes people might want to go to the show and hear things exactly how they are on record, and I appreciate that, but I also think that if you’re going to go and basically just hear a louder version of what’s on record, it’s not as special.

If doing it live means the challenge of trying to make it work, we’ll make it work.

Dead Fish Handshake’s latest EP, The Sixes, is available on iTunes and through the band’s website. They play Architekt Music in Butler, NJ, on July 27. For more information, go to

DFH in Rock Show Magazine

A little reading to go with your breakfast.

Dead Fish Handshake’s infectious intensity influences and inspires the listener while taking them on an emotional ride always cushioning each sharp turn with protective guitar progression and soothing each burn with cool lyrical intoxication. Wrapped in respect for the alternative 90s era, Dead Fish Handshake offers a sound so fresh and original it begs to be acknowledged independently while forcing you to admire the evolution of sound. The lead singers deep and sultry baritone vocal seduces the tempting guitar and the product is the perfect arrangement of dreamy story telling that erupts into an explosive textured sound, filthy and fervent, while completely scathing rock. This Molotov cocktail of blues, rock, and grunge, produces a sound quietly rigid and rough with a proud flaming ferocity of yesteryear. The fellas are hitting the road this summer to take their sound to the masses. Breaking free of the East Coast Metropolitan area will allow the boys a unique opportunity to excel and promote an already successful reputation and a well-received sophomore album.

With a sound all its own and a tangible feel of compassion and vulnerability, DFH’s debut attempt Across State Lines offered the band to its immediate fans as a safe place to rest while wrestling with emotions too intense to assume others shared. Singer Matthew Paul extends his lyrical hand and grabs firmly onto the feelings all so universally accepted yet whispered in a crowd. Music, the excellent explosion and blending of hard rock and roll and soft sentimental lyrics, is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered. Screw pills. Screw therapy. Pop in your favorite cd and vibe from beginning to end. Dead Fish Handshake cures what’s ailing you every single time. Packed with powerful yet haunting melodic lyrics, penetrating guitar riffs, and pulsating drum beats, its hard outer shell slowly peels open with each original song and exposed is the true talent of experienced musicians bleeding real and raw rock to their core. The result is The Sixes; a rock rooted soundscape with the perfect rise and fall of the simple and the abstract, the need and the want, and the lost and the found. This second attempt solidified the DFH sound but still gave them room to experience and grow. It allowed fans of all creeds to find and follow them.

Add Clint Lowery (Sevendust/Hello Demons Meet Skeletons) as producer and Architekt Music Recording Studio (1 Boonton Ave, Butler, NJ) as the backdrop to this already ambitious band and The Sixes is a product that symbolizes passion, power, and a prevalence to not only succeed but also to surpass. Hits like “Turning a Blind Eye” and “The Blackest Skies” taunt the listener with a pace like an excited heart beat and lyrics that sooth and calm the highest of emotions at the same time. Dead Fish Handshake effectively exhibits power and conviction behind each mesmerizing song and offers a musical journey dotted with gut wrenching ballads, full of passion yet insulated with masculinity, and melodic crispness attacked by genuine authentic rock riffs. Alluring darkness and enticing reality in lyrics drenched in truth and kerosene ignite into fiery flames with the smash of the drums and burn hotter and brighter with each inescapable and poignant chorus. With words so tangible you swear you can grab onto them and suffocate the pain while trying to hold onto the slippery words of comfort and compassion, “Leave the Light On” and “E-Motionless” become the soul of the album. Matthew Paul, in a statement on their website ( said, “And as silly as it sounds my heart smiles when you all tell me how much you connect with what we do. Those songs are about pure misery and defeat and you all bring such a different positive outlook to it and I try to pay you all back by getting on a stage and being a voice for things maybe everyone else wanted to say but could never find the right words.”

The “Leave the Light on Tour” will kick off in Florida, circle up as far west as North Dakota and close with shows back home in New Jersey and Rhode Island, respectively. Dates are slowly popping up on their website and social media sites. If ever there was a band excited to meet new fans and firmly shake some hands (no pun intended) it would be these guys. They are by far some of the warmest and kindest rock and rollers I’ve ever met and know that their special brand of fan centered band will go over very well throughout the rest of the country. They are one of the best kept East Coast secrets and will soon become a national treasure. –

Unfortunately, it takes more than hopes and dreams to gas up a van and fill up a rockers stomach. Such as life, right? The boys said, “As most of you know, and have seen up close and in person, being in a band is not as glamorous as it looks. The reality is, we are about to cram in a van, have a steady diet of non-perishable food items, sleep in Walmart parking lots, and pray that it rains so that we can shower! All so we can bring you our special brand of good ol’ rock n roll! Combine all of that with some overwhelming overhead expenses and you have a recipe for living the dream!” Dead Fish Handshake has created a Kickstarter account as an interactive way to be a part of this project and to aid in their attempt to tour the country. Be a part of this journey and contribute whatever you can. These guys have it, and they are attracting attention from the industry. Be a part of it too. You don’t have to go broke. Just donate what you can and support creativity, local music, and all around a great group of guys. Best part is that each donation comes with some very cool incentives ranging from never-before-released music to private shows, to signed gear!

But hurry up before it’s too late. This project must be funded by July 1st. Take this opportunity to be a part of something. Something great! The sound is unique, the guys are real, and the “Leave the Light On Tour” will be a guaranteed home run. Step up to the bat. You’ll never miss with this band. Visit their Kickstarter page here:

~Stina Marie Harris

message from Matthew

Haven’t been here in awhile…Just thought I’d give a little update on what’s going on in DFH…

If you didn’t know, it’s been a year since the official release of “The Sixes”. So, to coincide with that, we are celebrating by releasing a digital only deluxe version that will include a few acoustic versions of previously released songs. Just got out of the studio doing vocals on these versions and it’s just really cool to hear them like this. I’ve sung these songs a thousand times but I love what we did with them stripped down. Hopefully you will too. Should be out for sale in a few weeks.

So what’s next…well, needless to say, we can’t wait for this tour. First up…Florida. We are so lucky to have this opportunity to tour. It’s weird because I haven’t given myself a chance to enjoy it yet. I know that sounds strange but if you know me well it makes perfect sense. It’s been so hard getting everything together to do this right. Not complaining. But it definitely drains you. We need to thank all of you everywhere for doing what you do to help us out. Whether it’s by sharing a link, giving us a place to sleep, or the gifts we’ve received, or by donating to our Kickstarter fund, we are just grateful for all the random acts of kindness. It’s very encouraging at times when we thought we weren’t gonna be able to pull everything off. So that it I guess…airport is calling my name.

I’m looking forward to the shows and keeping up with everyone over the next month. Hope to see you all at some point along the way. There are some things to look forward to after the tour as well…We’ll be releasing a new song and an acoustic covers EP. They are both included right now as rewards on our fundraiser when you donate. And for what’s it worth to anyone this early, we have already begun writing for the next DFH record.

So thanks again for the momentum everyone. We love ya! -MP

Tourdates and routing.

Here is a quick look-see at what’s in store for this Summer’s Leave The Light On Tour.
Thank you all for the support. In only a few days, we’re 10% funded. Keep it up y’all.

Message from Matthew Paul

So listen up everybody…I wanna take a minute to speak candidly about this link…I think we all can appreciate some upfront honesty. It’s not exactly a new thing when a band puts out a kickstarter fund. We are all broke. Just like most of you, if not worse. And trust me…It probably is worse. We tour and at the end of the day everyone gets our money but us and we get excited over a venue giving us free water in our rider. That a true example by the way. I looked at Rob Ferreira and actually said “look dude! North Dakota gave us free water!” But no sense in crying over it. It’s just part of this journey and we made the decision to chase this so we suffer the lows that come with it. If you know me well and actually even if you don’t there is one thing that I hate more than anything and that’s begging people for money. Hell, whether you believe this or not, I’m still uncomfortable even when you all pay for merchandise. That’s probably why I’m so easy most of the time and I just give it away for free if you tell me you can’t afford it. The point that I’m making is its very hard to constantly ask you all for financial support because I know firsthand how much you all already have done whether it’s been with your wallets or your statuses or even your personal words. But the fact is to go on a national tour without a label behind you is too expensive and the bottom-line is it can’t be done to a point where it’s worth it to anyone (including all of you) without certain expenses being covered. There’s only one way to do that and that’s by utilizing this fund. I hate to admit this but I’m gonna open up a little bit here…Sometimes I literally think I’m crazy to still wanna do this and there hasn’t been one day where I don’t think about giving up. And the truth is the only thing that keeps me going are the messages in my inbox and the conversations with you all at the march tables after the show. I live for that. I could take or leave everything else. And if you need proof, read my lyrics. They weren’t written because I’m overly thrilled with things in this industry or even this world. And as silly as it sounds my heart smiles when you all tell me how much you connect with what we do. Those songs are about pure misery and defeat and you all bring such a different positive outlook to it and I try to pay you all back by getting on a stage and being a voice for things maybe everyone else wanted to say but could never find the right words. So here’s the reality…if you understand what I’m really saying then please donate to this. If you are just on my page to stalk and still don’t know anything about my band that’s fine too. I don’t mind. But for the others who want this tour as much as we do we need it now more than ever. Worst case scenario… we don’t raise it and this tour falls apart and we fall back into the loving arms of our brothers and sisters in NJ. Best case scenario…we add more of you out there to the family and give you the songs of support that you have given to us with your hearts and money. No matter what we love you and thanks for everything you’ve done for us. P.S. If I sound like I’m having a pity party, I am. And you’re all invited. Tickets are 100$ a person. Ha! JK.

Message from Rob

Hey all,

There’s a lot going on in camp DFH… and while there are some things we’re not quite ready to share, as you all know we are getting ready to embark on the Leave The Light On Tour this Summer and are super excited for it.

I wanted to take a quick moment on behalf of all of us in DFH to thank Mark Birkelbach, whose been an important piece of the DFH puzzle for a long time. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Mark is not able to join us on the road this Summer. He is and will always be a very special and important part of the DFH family.

With all that said, we’d like to give a warm welcome back to an old friend who’s ready to man the drum throne. Recently, we’ve been in the studio cranking out jams with original DFH drummer, Matt Biehl. We’re excited to have him back in the fold and look forward to you all getting a chance to get re-acquainted with him when the LTLO Tour comes to your city.

See you all soon.

Leave The Light On Tour ’13

Calling all ‘Hookers’! Ready to shake some hands with DFH across the country? Due to the amazing support you have all shown us since our inception, we are beyond thrilled to announce our first headlining tour this summer!

Unfortunately, like most good opportunities, they come with a price. As most of you know, and have seen up close and in person, being in a band is not as glamorous as it looks. The reality is, we are about to cram in a van, have a steady diet of non-perishable food items, sleep in Walmart parking lots, and pray that it rains so that we can shower! All so we can bring you our special brand of good ol’ rock n roll! Combine all of that with some overwhelming overhead expenses and you have recipe for living the dream!

So here is where we need YOU! We are humbly asking our incredible fan base to pull together one more time, over the next two months, to help us achieve a very aggressive goal of $10,000 to help with our expenses. We need this so that we may bring you the very best tour experience that DFH can provide. With every donation we will be offering special prize packages in return. Please donate as little or as much as you can.

In all seriousness, the only reason this band has done anything is because of our phenomenal relationships with you, the fans. We wouldn’t be here without you, and like you’ve done every other time before, you have elevated us to the great opportunities that lay before us. This is the first step towards taking the DFH brand to places we always dreamed it could go to. Music is about connecting. You all have connected with us in special ways and we are forever grateful. So let’s show everybody on the road what it means to be a member of Dead Fish Handshake. Nobody knows better than all of you!

P.S. Matthew has a very expensive hair regimen! Haha!

Leave The Light On Tour ’13

This Summer we are embarking on a 5 week tour. For quite some time, we’ve been meaning to see some of our old friends again and venture off into some cities we haven’t yet been to. We hope to see you all there.

Leave the light on for us. Dates are below. More info soon.

New show announcement – benefit for The Station Fire Memorial Foundation

On April 13th, we’ll be playing a very special acoustic benefit for the Station Fire Memorial Foundation at Rok Bar in E. Greenwich, RI.

Ten years ago, so many people lost their loved ones in the tragic fire at The Station.
We’re very proud to be part of this night. No cover charge, but donations are welcome.
Help build the Station Fire Memorial Park.






Go to for more info.

New show announcement – Dock Street, Staten Island, NY

We are headed to Staten Island to play with our friends in Machine Elves at Dock St Underground.

New show announcement – The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ

We’re headed back to the legendary Saint in Asbury Park. This lineup promises to be killer. We’re playing with our friends in New Theory, Beyond Visible, Gathering After Ashes and Reach (formerly Boy Meets Machine)

The evening will be hosted by the lovely Lindsay Klein of 105.5 WDHA FM.

New show announcement: An acoustic evening of DFH

We’re returning to the Crossroads for an evening of all acoustic music.
We are being joined by our friends in Statik Silence, Gathering After Ashes and Moises Christopher.

New show announcement: Hard Rock Boston

We return to Boston on May 10th as we get set to play at Hard Rock Cafe Boston.
More details soon.

New show announcement

Here it is…our last show of the year…
We’ll be rocking the Wonder Bar, Thursday night, 12.13. with Universal Records artist, POP EVIL and our friends New Theory. We hit the stage at 8:30 pm. Be there!!!!