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Album Update

With only a few weeks to go before we enter the studio, the excitement mounts. We’ve compiled a list of some of our best songwriting to date, not to mention a collaboration with the one Clint Lowery. That old cliche’ before a band releases an album is how they are so enamored with all their material that they can’t figure out what to include on the record. Well, while I’d like to be more original and not fall into that common thread, unfortunately (or fortunately), there is definitely more quality material than we know what to do with at this moment. Up until a couple months ago, I was almost certain of which songs would make this record, but judging by some of our newly written songs, I will say that the record, which we’ve titled “The Sixes” will most likely comprise of songs written more recently than those that have been hanging around for quite some time. After all, a small part of our songlist dates back to the “Across State Lines” sessions, but I just can’t see those making the cut. One thing that we were pretty dead set on from the beginning, and you’ll know it when you hear it, is that we didn’t want to make ASL part II. And this certainly isn’t that. It is still very much Dead Fish Handshake…all the essence of our personalities is there, but we’ve also grown together musically since our last record. And THAT’S what excites me most.