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The Sixes


1. Turning A Blind Eye
2. E-Motionless
3. Recquiescat
4. The Blackest Skies
5. Lifespan
6. Leave The Light On

“The Sixes” is the second release by Dead Fish Handshake. The band enlisted Sevendust songwriter/guitarist, Clint Lowery, to produce their second effort. The result is DFH’s strongest work to date. With “Turning A Blind Eye” leading the way as the first single, this record expands the sound that was established on “Across State Lines” and raises the creative bar on all levels. Clint Lowery contributes backing vocals on “The Blackest Skies” as well as co-writing “Lifespan” with DFH and fellow Sevendust / Call Me No One, partner in crime, Morgan Rose.