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Nothing Stays Gold / All Time Low


Stargazer blinded by the clouds
One shade of grey you’ve never seen until now
Inability to look beyond what’s clear and visible
With a million lies you sold the sun, so hypocritical
So tell me what’s it worth to you?

Heavy is the head that wears the crown
But I don’t want this anymore
Because all my will is devoured
Everything that shines is not so beautiful
Worn and tarnished, pitiful
Just like a fading flower
Nothing here stays gold

Daydreamer wishing for a change
No chance to see a path, it’s been paved with mistakes
Now the gleam that once was in your eyes has made you cynical
In the place where dreams all go to die, it looks so typical

Own the life that broke you
Understated and tolerated
Silver linings are right there in disguise

Everything that shines is not so beautiful
Worn rusted and tarnished alone
Try to hold on and not let go
Nothing stays gold



One step up felt just like a hundred
Falling faster to the ground
The cracks down here formed all of a sudden
A perfect place for laying down
But all I’ve got is a moment
And I’ll go through this alone
Too many times I’ve come across a fork in the road
Got no sense of direction
The sun is setting too low
There’s nowhere for me to go

Tell me where did I go wrong
All I have is dead and gone
Every voice inside tell me that I won’t survive
As I hit an all time low

All these years they all just run together
Can’t tell nighttime from the day
And the sun comes up and the stars go out
and the only thing here that I can count on is being let down

You gotta stop me from falling down
I’m headed one way south


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