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Dead Fish Handout

What is a Dead Fish Handout?

Every year, around the holiday season, we pick a song to record and offer as a free download to our fans, as a thank you for the continued support.

Stream some of our previous Dead Fish Handouts here.

Dead Fish Handout 2010:  “River of Deceit” originally recorded by: Mad Season

Dead Fish Handout 2011:  “Under The Milky Way” originally recorded by: The Church

Dead Fish Handout 2012:  “When Doves Cry” originally recorded by: Prince

Dead Fish Handout 2013:  “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)” originally recorded by: U2

Dead Fish Handout 2014: “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” originally recorded by: The Police

Dead Fish Handout 2015: “The Scientist” originally recorded by: Coldplay