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Rob Ferreira – Guitars, Vocals

Raised on the sounds of 60’s and 70’s classics, Rob’s love for music and sounds dates back to his days as a child. At an early age, he began showing interest in creating music of his own. It wasn’t long before he began playing guitar and writing original songs.

Primarily a self-taught musician, Rob honed his chops playing the local NJ music scene for several years in his band, Downshallow, as well as playing on various artists’ projects as a studio musician. His experience in the studio lead him to the control room where he began engineering and producing his and other bands.

After co-writing a handful of songs, Rob began putting the wheels in motion to fill out a group of friends that would eventually become the original DFH lineup. In Dead Fish Handshake, Rob found a creative partnership with his bandmates and was reinvigorated by the possibilities of what the band had to offer.