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The Sixes (Deluxe Version)

This September, we will be releasing a Deluxe Version of “The Sixes” contain the original release, as well as a couple acoustic versions of songs from the EP in addition to the whole release in instrumental format.

1. Turning a Blind Eye
2. E-Motionless
3. Recquiescat
4. The Blackest Skies
5. Lifespan
6. Leave The Light On
7. The Blackest Skies (acoustic)
8. E-Motionless (acoustic)
9. Turning a Blind Eye (acoustic)
10. Turning a Blind Eye (instrumental)
11. E-Motionless (instrumental)
12. Recquiescat / The Blackest Skies (instrumental)
13. Lifespan (instrumental)
14. Leave The Light On (instrumental)

Preview the acoustic version of “The Blackest Skies” here:

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