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message from Matthew

Haven’t been here in awhile…Just thought I’d give a little update on what’s going on in DFH…

If you didn’t know, it’s been a year since the official release of “The Sixes”. So, to coincide with that, we are celebrating by releasing a digital only deluxe version that will include a few acoustic versions of previously released songs. Just got out of the studio doing vocals on these versions and it’s just really cool to hear them like this. I’ve sung these songs a thousand times but I love what we did with them stripped down. Hopefully you will too. Should be out for sale in a few weeks.

So what’s next…well, needless to say, we can’t wait for this tour. First up…Florida. We are so lucky to have this opportunity to tour. It’s weird because I haven’t given myself a chance to enjoy it yet. I know that sounds strange but if you know me well it makes perfect sense. It’s been so hard getting everything together to do this right. Not complaining. But it definitely drains you. We need to thank all of you everywhere for doing what you do to help us out. Whether it’s by sharing a link, giving us a place to sleep, or the gifts we’ve received, or by donating to our Kickstarter fund, we are just grateful for all the random acts of kindness. It’s very encouraging at times when we thought we weren’t gonna be able to pull everything off. So that it I guess…airport is calling my name.

I’m looking forward to the shows and keeping up with everyone over the next month. Hope to see you all at some point along the way. There are some things to look forward to after the tour as well…We’ll be releasing a new song and an acoustic covers EP. They are both included right now as rewards on our fundraiser when you donate. And for what’s it worth to anyone this early, we have already begun writing for the next DFH record.

So thanks again for the momentum everyone. We love ya! -MP

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