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The Sixes are tracked

So for just under a week, we were holed up in the wonderful studios at Architekt Music with none other than Clint Lowery of Sevendust tracking our second record, “The Sixes”. What an experience! We posted some video blogs on our Youtube page, which you can view by going to

We went into the studio with several tunes and came out with 5 of the best songs we’ve written:

“Turning A Blind Eye”
“The Blackest Skies”
“Leave The Light On”

These songs evolved and matured so much in just a few short days that I wish we were pumping out a whole full length album’s worth.

Up next is the mixing stage. We have an incredible team working with us and we can’t wait for you all to share in the listening experience.
Thanks for your patience and support.
In the meantime, this is what the album artwork looks like:

Dead Fish Handshake - The Sixes







See you soon.

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