Official Blog of Dead Fish Handshake

Let the good times roll.

Tomorrow, we enter the studio to start tracking our new record…the follow up to last year’s “Across State Lines”.
We’ve titled the EP, “The Sixes” and hope to release it late spring/early summer.

We’re super excited to hear these songs come to life in the studio. We have several that are fighting each other for the chance of making the record. Not to mention that working with Clint Lowery will be an awesome experience and opportunity.

We just recently did a little photoshoot and are working with the very talented Paul Guzzo on the artwork and design. So many fantastic things are happening, but most of all, we’re looking forward to seeing you all on the road and jamming these songs out in a live setting for you all to hear.

Keep your eyes out for some studio updates, pics and vids.

…til then.

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