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More lyrical insight from Matthew…

“LifeSpan” is a song that deals with the topic of suicide and how much one can take throughout their life before they are faced with the decision of whether they can go on or not . Its about the resiliency a person can demonstrate through constant disappointment. Holding onto the most faint glimmers of hope until you finally just reach down as deep as possible and give yourself a way out on your own. Nobody will look out for you the way you look out for yourself. Your life is in your own hands at all times.”Holding on I breathe for comfort/ Need the light ahead/ So go on and drop the loaded gun/ The time has come to give yourself a way”.

“Turning a Blind Eye” is a song written for the saying “Ignorance is Bliss”. But bliss is all relative depending upon whos eyes its being seen through. If your eyes arent open on the road of life then you are headed for a head-on collision with yourself. “A warning sign/Like a traffic light/ From green to yellow then turns red again/ Im reticent by accident/ When all your thoughts, they all just started crashing down/ We all will fall sometimes”. For all the attention seekers out there who constantly make regrettable decisions, more often than not someone turns their eyes to them. For those who shoulder their own burdens and suffer quietly, they are the ones left waiting and the recipients of a blind eye. To all who try to do the right thing but always feel alone, this song is for you.

“Leave The Light On” is pretty self-explanatory


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