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Matthew Paul speaks about the lyrical content on “The Sixes”

Re: E-Motionless
“We don’t give out enough song meanings, so just thought I’d explain and put some questions to rest. This was a song written around the feeling of emotional paralysis between two people who are afraid to communicate and how it translates to the physical breakdown of someone. “E-motionless” is obviously a hybrid word of emotion and motionless. The “E” stands for “eternally” and is a reference to the cold communication of today’s technology. This all can be summed up in the lyric:

Nobody move, no body moved
I’m motionless/
Nobody move, no body moved

Re: “Recquiescat” / “The Blackest Skies”
“Recquiescat in Pace” is latin for “Rest In Peace” so that seemed like a fitting title as an intro to “The Blackest Skies”. The Blackest Skies is a reference to being buried alive where obviously the only thing you can see above you is the dark inside of your proverbial coffin. That small imaginary space holds all the stress and pressures of everyday life that seem so heavy and burdensome. Though the lyrics deal with dark undertones there is small message of positivity at the end of the chorus that is a direct contrast to the feeling of hopelessness demonstrated in the song. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Death will take forever
Lie in patience, until its time
Because this stress is heavy,
Tonight I’m buried, Underneath the blackest skies,
But still alive

Enjoy. Now you know.

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