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The Sixes update

Hey all,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Here’s a quick update on “The Sixes”. It’s all mixed with very minor tweaks to go.
Six tracks in total:

1. Turning a Blind Eye
2. E-Motionless
3. Recquiescat
4. The Blackest Skies
5. Lifespan
6. Leave The Light On

We are sending the mixes to West West Side Music to get mastered later this week with hopes of having the record out by the first week of June. There are busy schedules all around, so we’re doing our best trying to get everything lined up including a CD release show, possible CD listening party, etc.

Our lead single, ‘”Turning A Blind Eye” will drop early May. Keep an eye out for it (pun intended).
We’re really excited for this record’s release and if you were a DFH fan before, we promise you’ll love it.
Thanks for your support.
See you all soon.


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