Hey all.
Here we are. July 1st.
Hope all our friends are doing as best can be during these unique times. Thankfully everyone in the DFH camp has been hanging in there, all things considered. And while we’re not exactly all back to normal, fingers crossed that we’re starting to turn that corner.

Wanted to give you all a quick update.
With so much going on around us, we’ve held off on releasing our new record. It’s done. It’s ready. It’s coming. It’s just been a matter of finding the right time and way to bring it to you all.

…but we will have new music for you this month. That’s a promise.

The new record is called “LIES…AND ALL THAT JAZZ” and is scheduled for a September release. More on that soon.

In the meantime, some of generous folks have set time aside and put together a DFH-fan group. It’s fan-run, but we’re teaming up with them for this upcoming record, for a direct dialogue with you all and to bypass FB algorithms that seemingly suppress artist posts. (visit our FB page for more)

We invite you to head on over there and join. They’ll be having an exclusive new-music announcement coming soon. See ya over there.

Can’t wait to see you all again. Looking forward to getting some new music in your hands. In a time where sides are being chosen in every social issue out in the world, we hope the universality of music is a welcome escape. Much love!