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New Show Announcement. DFH w/ SALIVA

On Sunday, May 4th, we’ll be at the Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ with Saliva. Our friends in Beyond Visible will also be on the bill, as will Xombie. Advanced tickets available through our DFH store.

For this week only, tickets will be on sale for $13 each.

New Show Announcement – DFH w/ Tantric at 1150 Oak Bar, Cranston, RI

Easy come, easy go.
…or in this case, is it easy go, easy come? We will be in RI on 3/15 after all, Thanks to the fine folk over at 1150 Oak Bar & Grill, we were just added to their show with Tantric.

Providence Show Postponed.

Unfortunately, those of you waiting for our return to RI are going to have to wait a little longer. Due to a scheduling conflict with the club, our March 15th date has been cancelled. Sometimes things are just out of our control. We are, however, working on a new date and will share it with you as soon as we have it confirmed.

New Show Announcement: Legendary Dobbs, Philly

Thinking about Philly. Any DFH fans in the Philly area?
It’s been awhile. How about a show?

Thank you.

photo by Eugene Parciasepe Jr

Last night was a fantastic evening…and it’s all made possible because of your incredible support. Thanks to the wonderful staff at bergenPAC and the crew in 3 Doors Down & 105.5 WDHA. Most of all, as always, it’s a pleasure and honor meeting so many avid music fans. THANK YOU!!! See you again soon.

Back in Providence.

It’s been a little while since we’ve been back to Providence. This coming March, we’re headed back to DUSK – Saturday night, March 15th, 2014 to be exact. And we’re bringing our Jersey friends, OneHundredThousand with us. 

DFH Acoustic w/ 3 Doors Down

With all the acoustic ditties we’ve been offering ya, it’s only right that we do a little acoustic performance, wouldn’t you agree? Next month, we’re headed back to the bergenPAC to open the evening for 3 Doors Down, who will also be performing acoustic.

Purchase tickets here:

Headed back to CT.

Friends in Connecticut, we’re headed back up your way on Friday, March 28th, when we return to The Room in Brookfield, CT. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

DFH Returns to Mexicali Live


As the saying goes, “it’s been a long time since I’ve rock n rolled”. After some time away from the live circuit, we’re ready to rock out again and can’t wait to get back to Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ for an awesome rock show. Hope to see you there.

DFH Returns to the Starland Ballroom.

New show announcement: 04.05.14
DFH Returns to the Starland Ballroom as special guests of Scott Stapp, the voice of Creed.
Advanced tickets available through the DFH Store

Tickets available to DFH w/ Like a Storm

Tickets for our show at Achitekt in Butler, NJ next month w/ Like A Storm and One Hundred Thousand are now available through our DFH store.

Go here to purchase:

Leave The Light On Tour

Being on this tour has been quite the experience…certainly one to remember. We’ve met some incredible fans and bands. It’s reassuring to see so many people out there that love to rock and support live music. And knowing that you all back home are pulling for us means the world. Without you, none of this would have been possible. With that said, it’s only fair that we keep our DFH-family informed of all things Dead Fish Handshake. Unfortunately, we were forced to re-route some of our tour dates due to unforeseen circumstances. Our trek out to the midwest is no longer on the schedule. Our apologies to those who live in the areas that we are unable to visit at this time. We will do our best to get back out to you at a later date. We managed to schedule some dates up the east coast as we make our way back up to NJ and are planning another leg of the “Leave The Light On” tour to go with our current dates in NJ, PA & CT. Thank you all for the incredible support. See you soon.

Jersey Fest – Meadowlands Racetrack

Looking for another night out tonight?
We’ll be back the Meadowlands Racetrack tonight for more rockin’ n’ racin’!
DFH mini-sets all evening from 7:30 to 11:00.
Come hang!

WDHA’s Clash for Cash at the Meadowlands

We’ve been one of four bands selected to take part in this week’s Clash For Cash presented by WDHA FM. The event, hosted by Lindsay Klein, will take place this Friday night at the Meadowlands Racetrack. It all starts at 7:00pm. We will be performing two short sets. DFH set times are 9:53pm and 10:26pm. Hope to see you there.

LTLO Tour ’13

Tourdates and routing.

Here is a quick look-see at what’s in store for this Summer’s Leave The Light On Tour.
Thank you all for the support. In only a few days, we’re 10% funded. Keep it up y’all.

Message from Matthew Paul

So listen up everybody…I wanna take a minute to speak candidly about this link…I think we all can appreciate some upfront honesty. It’s not exactly a new thing when a band puts out a kickstarter fund. We are all broke. Just like most of you, if not worse. And trust me…It probably is worse. We tour and at the end of the day everyone gets our money but us and we get excited over a venue giving us free water in our rider. That a true example by the way. I looked at Rob Ferreira and actually said “look dude! North Dakota gave us free water!” But no sense in crying over it. It’s just part of this journey and we made the decision to chase this so we suffer the lows that come with it. If you know me well and actually even if you don’t there is one thing that I hate more than anything and that’s begging people for money. Hell, whether you believe this or not, I’m still uncomfortable even when you all pay for merchandise. That’s probably why I’m so easy most of the time and I just give it away for free if you tell me you can’t afford it. The point that I’m making is its very hard to constantly ask you all for financial support because I know firsthand how much you all already have done whether it’s been with your wallets or your statuses or even your personal words. But the fact is to go on a national tour without a label behind you is too expensive and the bottom-line is it can’t be done to a point where it’s worth it to anyone (including all of you) without certain expenses being covered. There’s only one way to do that and that’s by utilizing this fund. I hate to admit this but I’m gonna open up a little bit here…Sometimes I literally think I’m crazy to still wanna do this and there hasn’t been one day where I don’t think about giving up. And the truth is the only thing that keeps me going are the messages in my inbox and the conversations with you all at the march tables after the show. I live for that. I could take or leave everything else. And if you need proof, read my lyrics. They weren’t written because I’m overly thrilled with things in this industry or even this world. And as silly as it sounds my heart smiles when you all tell me how much you connect with what we do. Those songs are about pure misery and defeat and you all bring such a different positive outlook to it and I try to pay you all back by getting on a stage and being a voice for things maybe everyone else wanted to say but could never find the right words. So here’s the reality…if you understand what I’m really saying then please donate to this. If you are just on my page to stalk and still don’t know anything about my band that’s fine too. I don’t mind. But for the others who want this tour as much as we do we need it now more than ever. Worst case scenario… we don’t raise it and this tour falls apart and we fall back into the loving arms of our brothers and sisters in NJ. Best case scenario…we add more of you out there to the family and give you the songs of support that you have given to us with your hearts and money. No matter what we love you and thanks for everything you’ve done for us. P.S. If I sound like I’m having a pity party, I am. And you’re all invited. Tickets are 100$ a person. Ha! JK.

Message from Rob

Hey all,

There’s a lot going on in camp DFH… and while there are some things we’re not quite ready to share, as you all know we are getting ready to embark on the Leave The Light On Tour this Summer and are super excited for it.

I wanted to take a quick moment on behalf of all of us in DFH to thank Mark Birkelbach, whose been an important piece of the DFH puzzle for a long time. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Mark is not able to join us on the road this Summer. He is and will always be a very special and important part of the DFH family.

With all that said, we’d like to give a warm welcome back to an old friend who’s ready to man the drum throne. Recently, we’ve been in the studio cranking out jams with original DFH drummer, Matt Biehl. We’re excited to have him back in the fold and look forward to you all getting a chance to get re-acquainted with him when the LTLO Tour comes to your city.

See you all soon.

Leave The Light On Tour ’13

Calling all ‘Hookers’! Ready to shake some hands with DFH across the country? Due to the amazing support you have all shown us since our inception, we are beyond thrilled to announce our first headlining tour this summer!

Unfortunately, like most good opportunities, they come with a price. As most of you know, and have seen up close and in person, being in a band is not as glamorous as it looks. The reality is, we are about to cram in a van, have a steady diet of non-perishable food items, sleep in Walmart parking lots, and pray that it rains so that we can shower! All so we can bring you our special brand of good ol’ rock n roll! Combine all of that with some overwhelming overhead expenses and you have recipe for living the dream!

So here is where we need YOU! We are humbly asking our incredible fan base to pull together one more time, over the next two months, to help us achieve a very aggressive goal of $10,000 to help with our expenses. We need this so that we may bring you the very best tour experience that DFH can provide. With every donation we will be offering special prize packages in return. Please donate as little or as much as you can.

In all seriousness, the only reason this band has done anything is because of our phenomenal relationships with you, the fans. We wouldn’t be here without you, and like you’ve done every other time before, you have elevated us to the great opportunities that lay before us. This is the first step towards taking the DFH brand to places we always dreamed it could go to. Music is about connecting. You all have connected with us in special ways and we are forever grateful. So let’s show everybody on the road what it means to be a member of Dead Fish Handshake. Nobody knows better than all of you!

P.S. Matthew has a very expensive hair regimen! Haha!

Leave The Light On Tour ’13

This Summer we are embarking on a 5 week tour. For quite some time, we’ve been meaning to see some of our old friends again and venture off into some cities we haven’t yet been to. We hope to see you all there.

Leave the light on for us. Dates are below. More info soon.

New show announcement – benefit for The Station Fire Memorial Foundation

On April 13th, we’ll be playing a very special acoustic benefit for the Station Fire Memorial Foundation at Rok Bar in E. Greenwich, RI.

Ten years ago, so many people lost their loved ones in the tragic fire at The Station.
We’re very proud to be part of this night. No cover charge, but donations are welcome.
Help build the Station Fire Memorial Park.






Go to for more info.

New show announcement – Dock Street, Staten Island, NY

We are headed to Staten Island to play with our friends in Machine Elves at Dock St Underground.

New show announcement – The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ

We’re headed back to the legendary Saint in Asbury Park. This lineup promises to be killer. We’re playing with our friends in New Theory, Beyond Visible, Gathering After Ashes and Reach (formerly Boy Meets Machine)

The evening will be hosted by the lovely Lindsay Klein of 105.5 WDHA FM.

New show announcement: An acoustic evening of DFH

We’re returning to the Crossroads for an evening of all acoustic music.
We are being joined by our friends in Statik Silence, Gathering After Ashes and Moises Christopher.