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The Sixes

The Sixes (Deluxe Version)

This September, we will be releasing a Deluxe Version of “The Sixes” contain the original release, as well as a couple acoustic versions of songs from the EP in addition to the whole release in instrumental format.

1. Turning a Blind Eye
2. E-Motionless
3. Recquiescat
4. The Blackest Skies
5. Lifespan
6. Leave The Light On
7. The Blackest Skies (acoustic)
8. E-Motionless (acoustic)
9. Turning a Blind Eye (acoustic)
10. Turning a Blind Eye (instrumental)
11. E-Motionless (instrumental)
12. Recquiescat / The Blackest Skies (instrumental)
13. Lifespan (instrumental)
14. Leave The Light On (instrumental)

Preview the acoustic version of “The Blackest Skies” here:

Dead Fish Handshake – Leave the Light On: Hurricane Sandy Benefit

On October 29th, Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast US, including our home-state of New Jersey. So many people affected in so many ways.

We, in Dead Fish Handshake, wanted to be able to give back and help in any way possible. All proceeds from this release will be donated to help those residents who’ve endured so much loss and pain.

All (100%) proceeds of Dead Fish Handshake’s “Leave the Light On” benefit The Monmouth County Food Bank.

To donate through purchase of our song, click below:

DFH on WDHA Home Grown Spotlight.

Matthew & Rob stopped by the WDHA radio station in NJ a couple of weeks ago to talk about the new record and a quick in-studio performance of “Turning a Blind Eye”.

Read what Lindsay Klein had to say here.

And watch the performance:

Interview segment:

Rob talks “Turning a Blind Eye” on antiMUSIC.

DFH guitarist, Rob Ferreira, gives a little insight on “Turning a Blind Eye” forthe latest edition of’s ‘Singled Out’.

Today Dead Fish Handshake guitarist Rob Ferreira tells us about the lead single, “Turning A Blind Eye” off their latest album, “The Sixes,” which was produced by Clint Lowery (Sevendust, Call Me No One). Here is the story:

After last year’s “Across State Lines”, it was time to start thinking about a new record and as we compiled a song-list of both new and existing songs, “Turning a Blind Eye” was one of those ideas that came together in the later days of writing and immediately became a band favorite. The end result is slightly different than the arrangement we went into the studio with. Credit to Mr. Clint Lowery (Sevendust, Call Me No One). Working with Clint was an incredibly rewarding experience. We’re a band that prides itself on not only finding the right balance of song and melody but doing it in different ways each time. That was the main focus of this new record. “Turning A Blind Eye” exemplifies that intent. With its infectious chorus, we thought it’d be a great first single to bridge lyrical substance and hook sensibility.

Lyrically, the song can be interpreted in a few different ways. It’s one of those fascinating things about music – it’s all relative to the listener and their life stories. Essentially, the song addresses that age-old topic of ‘ignorance is bliss’, what it means and how it’s experienced. The failure to seize that defining moment that’s presented in front of you as a result of unintentionally ‘turning a blind eye’ is an occurrence that we’ve all experienced at one time or another in our lives. They say that being none the wiser about our surroundings may sometimes be beneficial. But is it really? The passing of missed opportunities can sometimes make all the difference in our worlds. It could mean the difference between refinement or confinement. Arguably, what you don’t know can’t hurt you, right? But is that so or is it just an excuse to be less involved with important matters that shape our future? And does that shunning behavior contribute to our metaphorical nightmares or are we content turning a blind eye? It’s a topic that you can talk in great lengths about. Sometimes all you need is a 3 minute song to set the table for hours of contemplation.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

In-studio performance

Matthew & Rob - live in-studio - WDHA 105.5FM

Earlier this afternoon, Matthew & Rob stopped in the WDHA studios in New Jersey to chat about the recently released record, “The Sixes” and jammed out to a couple acoustic versions of “Turning a Blind Eye” and “Leave The Light On”. Thanks to Lindsay Klein and all the fine folk over at WDHA. Keep an eye out for a video in the near future.

More lyrical insight from Matthew…

“LifeSpan” is a song that deals with the topic of suicide and how much one can take throughout their life before they are faced with the decision of whether they can go on or not . Its about the resiliency a person can demonstrate through constant disappointment. Holding onto the most faint glimmers of hope until you finally just reach down as deep as possible and give yourself a way out on your own. Nobody will look out for you the way you look out for yourself. Your life is in your own hands at all times.”Holding on I breathe for comfort/ Need the light ahead/ So go on and drop the loaded gun/ The time has come to give yourself a way”.

“Turning a Blind Eye” is a song written for the saying “Ignorance is Bliss”. But bliss is all relative depending upon whos eyes its being seen through. If your eyes arent open on the road of life then you are headed for a head-on collision with yourself. “A warning sign/Like a traffic light/ From green to yellow then turns red again/ Im reticent by accident/ When all your thoughts, they all just started crashing down/ We all will fall sometimes”. For all the attention seekers out there who constantly make regrettable decisions, more often than not someone turns their eyes to them. For those who shoulder their own burdens and suffer quietly, they are the ones left waiting and the recipients of a blind eye. To all who try to do the right thing but always feel alone, this song is for you.

“Leave The Light On” is pretty self-explanatory


Matthew Paul speaks about the lyrical content on “The Sixes”

Re: E-Motionless
“We don’t give out enough song meanings, so just thought I’d explain and put some questions to rest. This was a song written around the feeling of emotional paralysis between two people who are afraid to communicate and how it translates to the physical breakdown of someone. “E-motionless” is obviously a hybrid word of emotion and motionless. The “E” stands for “eternally” and is a reference to the cold communication of today’s technology. This all can be summed up in the lyric:

Nobody move, no body moved
I’m motionless/
Nobody move, no body moved

Re: “Recquiescat” / “The Blackest Skies”
“Recquiescat in Pace” is latin for “Rest In Peace” so that seemed like a fitting title as an intro to “The Blackest Skies”. The Blackest Skies is a reference to being buried alive where obviously the only thing you can see above you is the dark inside of your proverbial coffin. That small imaginary space holds all the stress and pressures of everyday life that seem so heavy and burdensome. Though the lyrics deal with dark undertones there is small message of positivity at the end of the chorus that is a direct contrast to the feeling of hopelessness demonstrated in the song. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Death will take forever
Lie in patience, until its time
Because this stress is heavy,
Tonight I’m buried, Underneath the blackest skies,
But still alive

Enjoy. Now you know.

New DFH Merch

We have some new merch rolling in to coincide with the release of our new record. These will be available through the DFH Store very soon. Here is the “E-Motionless” shirt for him and “E-Motionless” tank for her, along with the all new “The Sixes” poster.

“Turning a Blind Eye” now available for purchase.

“Turning a Blind Eye” is finally available for sale.

Purchase it here: (more links to follow)


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…we are so very proud of these songs. The whole experience of making this record was an incredible journey and we’ve had an amazing team behind us since day one. Thanks to everyone who helped us along with your support. As you will hear upon its release, “The Sixes” expands the DFH sound set in place on our first record. We loved making it and hope you love listening to it.

Turning A Blind Eye has arrived.

Hey all, the wait is over. Here is the lead single off our new record.
It’s called “Turning A Blind Eye”.
We hope you love it.

Turning A Blind Eye

Come Monday we think you may have a new DFH song to feast upon.

CD Release Events

The weekend of June 1st, we are celebrating the release of The Sixes, our second record. On 06.01.12 we’ll be at Dusk in Providence and back in NJ the following night at Architekt Music in Butler, NJ, the same establishment we recorded these songs.

Please save the date. Tickets are available for purchase here:

Hope to see you there.

The Sixes update

Hey all,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Here’s a quick update on “The Sixes”. It’s all mixed with very minor tweaks to go.
Six tracks in total:

1. Turning a Blind Eye
2. E-Motionless
3. Recquiescat
4. The Blackest Skies
5. Lifespan
6. Leave The Light On

We are sending the mixes to West West Side Music to get mastered later this week with hopes of having the record out by the first week of June. There are busy schedules all around, so we’re doing our best trying to get everything lined up including a CD release show, possible CD listening party, etc.

Our lead single, ‘”Turning A Blind Eye” will drop early May. Keep an eye out for it (pun intended).
We’re really excited for this record’s release and if you were a DFH fan before, we promise you’ll love it.
Thanks for your support.
See you all soon.


DFH press photo

Dead Fish Handshake press photo for “The Sixes”

(Mark, Rob, Darren, Matthew)

The Sixes trailer

Here’s a little clip of what’s in store this Summer.